Surfer is two-dimensional contouring and surface mapping software.

2D Contouring, Analysis, and Visualization Software

Surfer is Windows based environmental software representing the highest quality in contour mapping and surface plotting. Easily convert hydrogeological data into exceptional maps which are completely flexible to your needs.


Surfer for Windows is a two-dimensional contouring and surface plotting program that runs under Microsoft Windows. Surfer quickly and easily converts your data into outstanding contour maps and surface plots. With all the options available in Surfer, you can customize the maps to produce exactly the presentation you want. Producing publication quality maps in Surfer has never been quicker, easier, and more satisfying.

Surfer Product Details Overview

Contour MapsSurfer contour maps give you full control over all map parameters. You can accept the Surfer intelligent defaults to automatically create a contour map or easily customize map features.
Base MapsImport maps in many different formats to display geographic information. Combine base maps with other maps in map overlays, or create stand-alone base maps independent of other maps on the page.
3D Wireframe MapsProvide an impressive three-dimensional display of your data.
Vector MapsA vector map shows direction and magnitude of data at points on a map.
Post MapsPost maps show X,Y locations with fixed size or proportionally scaled symbols of any color.
Data Interpolation And GriddingGridding methods in Surfer allow you to produce accurate contour, wireframe, vector, image, and shaded relief maps from your XYZ data.
Data WorksheetSurfer includes a full-featured worksheet for creating, opening, editing, and saving data files.
Object ManagerDisplays all the objects in the document in an easy-to-use hierarchical tree arrangement.