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About Training

Our groundwater and environmental software training courses provide cost-effective and convenient training on the use and application of our industry-recognized groundwater software.

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Online Training Courses

Learn from knowledgeable instructors skilled at communicating key points which will allow you to use your Waterloo Hydrogeologic software more effectively.

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On-site Custom Training Courses

We develop each Custom On-Site Training Course based on specification you provided, prepare a full course schedule and then visit your office to present it to your employees.

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Self-Study Training Courses

We recognize that budgetary constraints or a tight schedule can limit you from attending classroom style courses, on-line sessions or conferences. We have introduced a series of Self-Study Training sessions to give you the flexibility to learn from your home or office.

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Course Instructors

Our professional trainers are experts in the use of environmental software for practical hydrogeologic analysis and modeling. As a company that integrates software development, consulting, and training, we offer the latest modeling technology and analysis techniques.

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