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Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 Overview

/Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 Overview
Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 Overview2016-11-22T18:25:33-05:00

What’s New in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1

Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 delivers high-performance transport engines with exceptional 2D/3D visualization capabilities for accurate, reliable and efficient simulations of groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

  • Contaminant Transport Modeling: Effortlessly design and run MT3DMS contaminant transport simulations, and visualize rich 2D/3D renderings of concentration plumes
  • Improved Performance for Maximum Efficiency:  Achieve accurate transport simulation results twice as fast with full 64-bit engine support
  • Increased capacity for larger models:  Build large transport models with high-resolution MODFLOW grids (one million cells) with full 64-bit engine support
  • Enhanced 2D Visualization: Smoothly navigate and explore results and detailed model renderings with an enhanced 2D graphics engine
  • Multi-model Uncertainty Analysis:  Easily compare the model results of multiple grid types, modeling scenarios and remediation strategies side-by-side within a single project, and choose the most reasonable model
  • Reliable QA/QC: Visually correlate plume locations to observed borehole, monitoring locations and your geological model to validate model assumptions and gain confidence in your results
  • Classic Numerical Modeling Workflows: Build your models from the grid up using traditional techniques that begin with 3D grid design (as in Visual MODFLOW Classic)

Cut Simulation Runtimes in Half

With 64-bit engine support, Visual MODFLOW Flex can dramatically reduce runtimes for MT3DMS transport simulations. To quantify the improvements in runtimes, a transport model with 670,000 cells and 15 stress periods was simulated in both Visual MODFLOW Classic and Visual MODFLOW Flex (32-bit and 64-bit). The resulting runtimes are shown in the graph below. The Visual MODFLOW Flex 32-bit and 64-bit simulations finished in 2700 seconds and 2400 seconds, respectively. The Visual MODFLOW Classic simulation finished in 5063 seconds, twice as long as the Visual MODFLOW Flex 64-bit simulation.runtimecomparison

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

iew the Visual MODFLOW Flex Readme for a full list of bug fixes, improvements and other enhancements.

Airport Tutorial – Contaminant Transport Modeling

Learn how to build contaminant transport models in Visual MODFLOW Flex by following the step-by-step Airport tutorial.

Download Airport Tutorial