Supported Packages and Engines

When you purchase Visual MODFLOW Flex you will recieve two separate standalone interfaces: Visual MODFLOW Classic Interface and Visual MODFLOW Flex Interface. The combination of both interfaces offer a complimentary set of tools that you can use to build and run your models.

Note: Items marked with an * are only available from within the accompanying Visual MODFLOW Classic Interface.

  • MODFLOW-2000, 2005, NWT – World standard for groundwater flow simulations
  • MODFLOW-USG – Finite volume version of MODFLOW that uses unstructured grids
  • MODFLOW-LGR – Shared-node local grid refinement (LGR) for regional-local scale simulations
  • MODFLOW-SURFACT – Enhanced simulations of complex saturated/unsaturated subsurface flow and transport processes
  • MODPATH – Standard package for forward and reverse particle tracking
  • ZoneBudget – Standard package for sub-regional water budget calculations
  • MGO* – For determining the optimal well pumping and/or injection rates at one or more wells, in order to achieve a specific objective while maintaining reasonable system responses

MODFLOW Packages

  • RIV – River package
  • CHD – Constant-Head boundary package
  • DRN – Drain package
  • WEL – Well package
  • LAK – Lake Package
  • EVT – Evapotranspiration package
  • STR* – Streamflow-Routing package
  • RCH – Recharge package
  • FHB – Flow and Head boudnary package
  • ETS1*– Evapotranspiration Segments package
  • MNW* – Multinode Well Package
  • HFB – Horizontal Flow Barrier Package
  • UZF – Unsaturated Zone Flow Package

Transport Packages

  • MT3DMS – Three-dimensional transport model for simulating advection, dispersion, and chemical reactions of dissolved constituents.
  • MODFLOW-SURFACT – Enhanced simulations of complex saturated/unsaturated subsurface flow and transport processes
  • SEAWAT – Three-dimensional variable-density groundwater flow coupled with multi-species solute and heat transport
  • RT3D – Reactive transport simulations
  • MT3D99* – an enhanced version of MT3DMS, that includes support for implicit solver, TVD Solution scheme, dual-porosity advection-diffusion, Non-equilibrium Sorption and Monod Kinetics, and Multispecies Reactions, including First-Order Parent-Daughter chain reactions, and Instantaneous Reactions among species
  • PHT3D* – A multi-component transport model for three-dimensional reactive transport in saturated porous media.

Parameter Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis

  • PEST v12.3 – Automated parameter estimation, calibration and sensitivity analysis.  With Visual MODFLOW Flex, defining PEST inputs and interpreting results are made easy with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that guides you through the PEST process from start to finish.   Includes support for pilot points, various regularization options and advanced kriging.

* Available within the Classic interface.