December 2, 2015

Build 1.0.311.0 (December 2012)


  • PEST (with Pilot Point Parameterization) support is now available! Learn more, watch the overview video
  • Define Property zones, Recharge, and Evapotranspiration zones in the numerical model, using assign polygon/entire layer.
  • Added option to Define Particles as input for MODPATH in the numerical model workflow.
  • Added support for the Specified Flux (FHB) package
  • Copy and paste option for pumping well schedules in the spreadsheet, and transient boundary condition attributes.
  • When importing a model from Visual MODFLOW classic, all package and solver settings will be set correctly at the translation step, to match the original model
  • Improved support for Wall (HFB) package
  • Added support for georeferencing images in the 64-bit version
  • In 3D view, improved the visualization of structural and property zones that have zero thickness.

Full list of improvements is available in the online readme

Defects Addressed:

Several bugs have been addressed in this new build. For a full list of changes, please consult the online readme

Visual MODFLOW Classic Updates Also Available:

Visual MODFLOW Classic, Build 162 is also available. Full list of changes is available in the online readme.

If you have valid software maintenance, please contact our Techsupport team (sws-support@slb.com) for download instructions.