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Visual MODFLOW Flex v.2014.1 Update

Build (January 2014)


  • Problems importing 3D Gridded Data Object, TecPlot .DAT file format
  • PEST utilities were being flagged as potential virus threat on certain virus scanners
  • Inactive cells were showing up incorrectly in all layers of the model, instead of the specified layers
  • When using initial heads from a previous MODFLOW run, if the model contained inactive cells, the heads were not rendered correctly in the results
  • In some cases there was a problem using a .HDS file from a previous MODFLOW run for initial heads, when cycling between multiple projects
  • An error would occur when defining a new property zone with a polygon, after doing conversion from the conceptual model
  • Unable to create horizons for surfaces that have undefined values around the edges
  • When import polygon as .DXF format, in some cases the file would not load as a closed polygon
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