Waterloo Hydrogeologic's COVID-19 Response and Action

v.2015.1 – Build 3.0.653.1 (December 2015)

Issues Addressed in this Update:

  • Conceptual Model is frozen, non-responsive (on Windows 10)
  • Error during saving project (on Windows 10)
  • Error when exporting heads to shapefile, and selecting all output times
  • MODFLOW-USG model cannot load water-table after model run, for long transient run
  • Transient model flux output does not change with time in 3D Viewer
  • Incorrect import of property zones that use distributed values
  • Create Pumping Wells window, the OK button is cut off on low resolution or large font sizes
  • When importing 3D Gridded data, Tecplot .DAT file, grid rotation is now supported.
  • Please email Technical Support to see if you are eligible to receive this update.
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About the Author:

Jennifer is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Waterloo Hydrogeologic.