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What’s New in AquiferTest 7.0

/What’s New in AquiferTest 7.0
What’s New in AquiferTest 7.02018-03-29T05:51:30-05:00

Highlights include:

Regional Gradients

A regional gradient (based on water surface elevation, flow direction and gradient or three known water elevations) can be added to calculated drawdown (based on a selected analytical solution) to obtain a regional contour map.
* Available in Pro version only


Streamlines can be added to the site plan.
* Available in Pro version only

Other Key Enhancements

New Options:
The following field variables are available for the custom field in reports:
– the variable prints the filename.
– the variable prints the full path and filename.

Version Number Branding

You might have noticed we are also branding AquiferTest with the new version type of 7.0. rather than continuing with “year” branded version numbers. We hope this will make it easier for you to track changes and updates.  From now on, new versions will always increment the whole number and minor releases will increment the decimal.