Great Features from AquiferTest 2015.1

Dagan Slug Test Analysis

The Dagan (1979) slug test solution is useful for determining the hydraulic conductivity in an unconfined aquifer where the wells are screened across the water table and the length of the well screen is much larger than the well radius.

Dagan, G., 1978. A note on packer, slug, and recovery tests in unconfined aquifers, Water Resources Research, vol. 14, no. 5. pp. 929-934.

Neuman-Witherspoon Pumping Test Analysis

The Neuman-Witherspoon pumping test solution is useful for determining hydraulic properties of leaky confined two-aquifer systems. Unlike other leaky methods, Neuman and Witherspoon accounts for drawdown in the unpumped aquifer.

Note: This analysis is only available in the Pro version.

Hemker C.J. and C. Maas, 1987. Unsteady Flow to Wells in Layered and Fissured Aquifer Systems, Journal of Hydrology, vol. 90, pp. 231-249.
Neuman, S.P. and P.A. Witherspoon, 1969. Theory of flow in a confined two aquifer system, Water Resources Research, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 803-816.

Well Efficiency Plots

AquiferTest 2015.1 allows you to easily calculate well efficiency from well losses analysis. The combination of the well loss and well efficiency analyses in AquiferTest allows you to determine the appropriate discharge rate for your well based on your pumping plan (short-term dewatering vs. long term water supply wells) while optimizing drawdown and minimizing energy costs.

Variable Discharge Diagnostic Plots

AquiferTest’s diagnostic plots make it easy to identify model assumptions and select an analysis method for your pumping test data. AquiferTest 2015.1 introduces diagnostic plots for variable discharge rates, allowing you to easily identify the most appropriate solution for step tests.

Faster Importing of Field Data

Getting your field data into AquiferTest has never been faster. With AquiferTest 2015.1, you can simply drag-and-drop your datalogger files on the AquiferTest interface for quick and easy data importing.

AquiferTest Method Selection Advisor

The AquiferTest Method Selection Advisor is a new online tool that helps you choose the most appropriate solution method for analyzing your pumping test data. Simply answer a series of questions and the AquiferTest Method Selection Advisor will reveal the most appropriate method(s) based on your responses.

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Updated look and feel.


Dagan slug test analysis.


Neuman-Witherspoon analysis for leaky aquifers


Well efficiency plots.


Display trend lines of common flow regimes for identifying well conditions.