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What’s New in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.2

/What’s New in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.2
What’s New in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.22017-03-17T14:17:31-05:00

Define ZoneBudget Zones With Ease

Easily define zones for subregional water budget calculations by drawing polygon, polylines or points in the desired areas on your numerical model, or by choosing an existing data object, such as a shapefile or DXF layer.

New zones can now be automatically copied to multiple layers and edited directly via CSV file.

Support for Horizontal Flow (Wall) Barriers

The new release introduces support for the Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) Package which can be used to simulate barriers to flow such as slurry walls or faults. Wall boundaries are easily assigned using polyline shapes (digitized or existing conceptual model object) to represent the X-Y spatial extents, and horizon objects to represent the vertical extents.

Wall boundaries can be added to multiple layers within your model, and numerical attributes can be edited directly via CSV file. The Wall boundaries on the numerical model can be displayed in 3D view, and 2D views (layer and XS by row or column).

Improved Particle Tracking

Defining particles for MODPATH simulations has never been easier. In the new release, particles can be assigned by digitizing a circle, or drawing single particles. Particles can be quickly assigned to specific model layers to accommodate multi-layer pumping wells screens.

Particles can be removed from one or more layers. Simply draw a box around the desired area of your numerical model to remove any unwanted particles.

Water Table Visualization

Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.2 is capable of producing detailed renderings of the water table. In 2D and 3D Viewers, the water table is rendered as a surface with color shading and contours. In cross-section view (row and column), the water table can be viewed as either smooth interpolated line, or as a “discrete” line where MODFLOW cell elevations are honored.

Water table data can be conveniently exported to CSV file for use in post-processing with other software.

Flexible Color Rendering Options

Customize the colors and value ranges, and display model properties, boundaries, heads, drawdown, concentrations and the water table exactly how you want them in 2D and 3D Viewers.

Advanced Editing of Numerical Model Inputs

Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.2 gives you complete “back door” access to input files for advanced editing of numerical model data. Input data can be exported to CSV format, edited in Excel or your text editor of choice, and then loaded back into Visual MODFLOW Flex for visualization and processing. If you have existing scripts, these can be hooked up to the CSV file formats for efficient bulk edits of input files.

Export Charts to CSV Format

Model results can now be exported to CSV file format for loading into Excel or your preferred charting software for advanced charting and analysis (Observation vs Calculated Heads, Breakthrough Curves).

Other Improvements and Enhancements

  • Added support for rotated grids in the numerical modeling workflow
  • The default colors of property zones are now similar to Visual MODFLOW Classic making it easier to compare properties and boundary conditions between the Visual MODFLOW Flex and Classic interfaces
  • Improved navigation of workflows making it easier to skip completed steps
  • View the Visual MODFLOW Flex Readme page for a full list of bugs addressed in this release

What’s New in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.2

In the short video below, Wayne Hesch, Product Champion for Visual MODFLOW Flex, provides an overview of the new features available in the 2014.2 release.

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Define Zone Budget
zones with GIS data

Wall Boundary Condition

Improved methods for
defining particles

Water table visualization in
multi-view display

Customized Color Rendering of

Export to Excel

Rotated numerical grids