November 11, 2011

AquaChem 2012.1 Build 123, Released June 2012

AquaChem 2012.1 can now run entirely on a Hydro GeoAnalyst SQL server database. From within Hydro GeoAnalyst (version 2012.1 build 286 and later) you have the option to add the GeoChemistry Extension by selecting the AquaChem icon. This will include all necessary tables and information that previously was stored in the AquaChem project (.aqc) into the Hydro GeoAnalyst database. This is an even tighter integration of the two products than what was previously achieved through an ODBC link.

We have also addressed several issues that have been reported since the last release making this release more stable and reliable. Please see the Readme file in the Program installation folder for more details regarding the issues that have been resolved.