November 17, 2011

New Features in 2012.1 Build 187, March 1, 2012:

EDD Workflow – a new workflow to help you get validated data into HGA more quickly and easily. Define and export your EDD template to provide it to a data provider (for example your lab), the data providers can use the HGA Quicker Checker (an Excel Plug-in) to populate and validate their data against your template specifications before submitting them back to you. Lastly, you can quickly and easily import EDD’s into HGA with the EDD Import routine!

Better Link with ArcGIS – when running an HGA project on SQL Server 2008 R2 we have taken advantage of the new option for a geospatial column type for the station table. This means you can link your project directly to ArcGIS to display your stations. This also means that as changes are made to your stations (added, deleted or modified) these changes are automatically reflected in ArcGIS.

Online Sharing Option – providing you a way to share your project (station groups, queries, map point layers, water levels) with others who do not have HGA. This option can be run locally or could be hosted on a webserver.

New Navigation Options on the Data tabs allowing you to quickly and easily scroll through stations or find that station you are looking for.

Grouping Folders for your Queries on the Navigation tree – this allows you to organize your queries so you can find a particular query more quickly.