October 22, 2014

What’s New in Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014.2 build 14.14.1015.4
Enhancements to General Import
The General Import option within the Data Transfer System has the following enhancements implemented; option to save your settings to re-use them in subsequent sessions, it will compare the stations in your source file with the stations in the database and let you know if you have duplicates, it provides an option to import using Station ID instead of Station Name, and has been optimized to run more efficiently and quickly.

Import Images
A new option is now available within the Data Transfer System to import Images into your database. Options include importing one image per station for multiple stations at once, or multiple images for the same station. You can also choose to import based on Station Name or Station ID.

Send Query (with images) to PowerPoint
You can query data and images out of the database and now push them to a PowerPoint template. Make nice reports with your well images as well as your well data.

Organize Office Templates and Reports in the Project Tree
You will now find your Office templates on the Project tree so you can quickly and easily find them. Also, when using the templates to create reports you will find you will be given the option to save to them to the Project Tree (or somewhere else).