December 2, 2015

Updates in 2012.1 Build 286, Released June 2012

Added in v. (2012.1)

  • Implemented Geochemistry Extension (Powered by AquaChem) to allow AquaChem to run entirely on your HGA SQL Server database.
  • Implemented an Auto-notification for when updates are available.
  • Implemented an option to close a tab completely (right click on tab) and then an option to bring it back (View menu option).

Fixed in v. (2012.1)

  • Improved error logging.
  • Error message when deleting a table from the Template Manager.
  • On Data Filter tab when using the filter line to find records and then using the delete option resulted in all records being deleted.
  • Issues with deleting records when no primary key set on a table (any table that does not have a primary key will have an auto-increment field added to table and set as the primary key).
  • Difficulties importing MON files.
  • Problems when running with UAC enabled (creating backups, creating new projects, saving changes in the Template Manager and importing using the DTS).
  • Error messages when running HGA on a machine that does not have a local instance of SQL Server 2008 R2 installed.
  • When selecting a station in the Station List tab you are automatically moved to the Station Data tab (now only occurs on double click)
  • Unable to set relationships between tables within the Template Manager.
  • Problems exporting map ready queries to Excel 2007.
  • Unable to import data using the DTS into newly created projects.
  • Error messages when trying to create new time series plots.