AquiferTest Analytical Methods

An extensive suite of analytical methods

AquiferTest delivers an extensive set of solutions suitable for all types of aquifers and test conditions. Analyze confined, unconfined, leaky, and fractured aquifers. Account for various well conditions including wellbore storage, horizontal wells, and single-well analyses.

Drawdown PlotsTime Drawdown Plot
Time Drawdown-Discharge Plot
Pumping TestsTheis (1935) – confined, isotropic aquifer
Theis with Jacob Correction (1944) – unconfined, isotropic aquifer
Boulton (1963) – unconfined, anisotropic aquifer
Neuman (1975) – unconfined, anisotropic aquifer, partially-penetrating well
Hantush-Jacob (Walton, 1962) – leaky aquifer
Hantush (1960) -leaky aquifer, with storage in aquitard
Warren Root (1963) – dual porosity, fractured flow
Moench (1984, 1988) – fractured flow, with skin
Papadopulos & Cooper (1967) – well bore storage/large diameter wells/single well
Agarwal Recovery (1980) – recovery analysis
Clonts and Ramey (1986) – horizontal wells
Neuman and Witherspoon (1969) – confined, two-aquifer system
Hemker and Mass (1987) – multi-aquifer system
Theis Recovery (1935) confined
Cooper Jacob:
• Type I: Time-drawdown
• Type II: Distance-drawdown
• Type III: Time-distance-drawdown
Well PerformanceSpecific Capacity
Hantush-Bierschenk (Hantush, 1964; Bierschenk, 1963):
Well loss
Well efficiency
Other Analysis ToolsDerivative Plots
Diagnostic Plots
AquiferTest Method Selection Advisor
Slug TestsHvorslev (1951)
Bouwer-Rice (1976)
Cooper-Bredhoeft-Papadopulos (1967) – well bore storage
Ramey, Agarwal, and Martin (1975) – well skin/well bore storage
Moench and Hsieh (1985) – well skin/well bore storage
High-K Butler (2003)
Dagan (1978)
Binkhorst and Robbins (1998) – effective radius
Lugeon TestsLugeon Tests (1933) – also known as Packer Tests

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