Big Things are Happening

November 25, 2020

Kudos to The Groundwater Project for their efforts developing free, high-quality groundwater educational material for all. They have just released another eBook (Geologic Frameworks for Groundwater Flow Models ) authored by J.P. Brandenburg which anyone who registers on their site can download for free.

Groundwater Flow Models

This is an amazing project being led by some of the industry’s most influential leaders and a great example of the quality of people and organizations we engage with regularly. We applaud their efforts and want to highlight initiatives like this with the community we are developing. Please share this great resource with people interested in groundwater modeling. There are a lot of issues that are covered extremely well in this book and others in the series.

As a person new to the industry, I am impressed by the breadth of the projects that our community get involved in and the skills needed to understand this aspect of the environment. We hope our efforts to improve our tools will help the community continue to tackle real-world problems. We appreciate your feedback on the features needed in our products to help you deal with real life issues. Please keep your recommendations and suggestions coming.

On the business front, earlier this year we were forced to retire Visual MODFLOW Classic because the challenges to keep the product compatible with the newer versions of Microsoft Windows were just too great. Proudly, we can say that we are close to our next Visual MODFLOW Flex release. The January release of Flex will address items clients have said they missed from Classic and introduces a number of key features like support for the Stream Flow Routing package (to facilitate modeling groundwater-surface water interactions), support for the Multi-Node Well package (to facilitate more complex modeling of wells including directional wells) and improved reporting on model outputs.

This release reflects more than 18 months of development addressing over 100 client issues and requests. We have improved Flex’s usability and introduced additional modeling features, as well as cleaning up things that did not work just right. We feel good about the improvements we have made to the product.

It may not be obvious, but clients who take advantage of our deep discounts during the current year-end sale to purchase new or upgrade Visual MODFLOW Flex licenses will get the new Flex release at no additional cost in January. Unfortunately, for those of you who do not have a valid maintenance contract and wait until the release date, there will be a small price increase for Visual MODFLOW Flex due to additional royalties we must pay to deliver this new version of Flex.

As always, if you are interested in what we are doing, please reach out through our Contact Us page

About The Author: Dwayne Mott is the General Manager at Waterloo Hydrogeologic