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An Introduction to Environmental Data Management Using Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) | Oct 2022

This 3-day hands-on course presents an introduction to environmental data management and analysis using HGA. Data management begins with the development of a database that integrates the variety of sources of environmental data that are common in hydrogeologic analysis. The data are then interpolated and mapped in HGA to generate the conceptual hydrogeologic model of the study area, which can then be used in site characterization, regional hydrogeologic analysis, compliance monitoring, and groundwater model development.

950 USD

Aquifer Performance Test Analysis Using AquiferTest Pro | Nov 2022

This 2-day, online course utilizes the AquiferTest Pro software to demonstrate the analysis and interpretation of water level data from pumping and slug tests. Participants will be introduced to the theory behind the analysis of pumping and slug test data to better support interpretations and will be guided through the AquiferTest interface to improve efficiency. The course combines interactive online lectures, comprehensive exercises, and discussions to better improve your understanding of and proficiency with aquifer test evaluations.

750 USD

Groundwater Flow & Contaminant Transport Modeling using Visual MODFLOW Flex | Dec 2022

This 4-day online course introduces participants to the complete groundwater modeling process using our recently released version of Visual MODFLOW Flex.  Enjoy a mix of lectures and exercises focused on a variety of groundwater modeling concepts including conceptual and numerical model development, contaminant transport modeling, the use of secondary utilities for enhanced modeling results and analysis, parameter estimation and model calibration, and the analysis of model results.

1250 USD