Water Resources Evaluation

Managing Groundwater Resources

Developing and maintaining a sustainable water supply requires a comprehensive assessment of water resource needs and availability. An essential part of this effort is to understand the hydrogeologic characteristics of the aquifer system and the interaction between surface water and groundwater. As the demand for groundwater increases, it is necessary to drill and analyze new wells, and assess the constraints including well yield, well interference, and distance to the distribution system.

Online References using Visual MODFLOW for Water Resources Evaluation


Title Region Keywords
 Water Resources Evaluation USA
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Published in: Journal of Water Resource and Protection

USA GIS, Watershed, Surface water/groundwater connection
Evaluation of Alternative Ground-water Pumping Schemes as an Approach to Mitigating Problems of Critical Low Flow in the Spokane River at Spokane, Washington, US USA
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North Tuncurry Development Project – Modelling and Design of Flood Alleviation Scheme for Groundwater Flooding
ublished in: Proceedings of Floodplan Conference 2013
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Hydrogeology and Groundwater Flow Model, Central Catchment of Bribie Island, Southeast Queensland Australia
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ublished in: Hydrogeology Journal
Canada Groundwater/surface-water relations . Stream response functions . Water-resources conservation
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ublished in: IAH 2010 Proceedings
Indonesia groundwater-surface water interaction, volcanic aquifer system of Lake Ciseupan
Lowering Groundwater in the Archaelogical Babylon City Using Underground Dams
ublished in: International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
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Conceptualization and implementation of a groundwater flow model for the Buda thermal-karst system, Hungary

Published in: Central European Geology

Hungary conceptual model, digital model, karst system, thermal water, zone budget
Evaluation of Aquifer System in Quetta Valley Through Geophysical Methods and Groundwater Flow Modeling Pakistan


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