Software Maintenance Agreement

Annual Software Maintenance Agreements for Waterloo Hydrogeologic Software

When you invest in Waterloo Hydrogeologic Annual Maintenance Agreements, you ensure the continued success of your business initiatives by staying up-to-date with the latest software technologies, supported by professionals with the highest level of accreditation for, and knowledge about, our products.

It’s easy to forget how essential technical support services are, until you are up against a project deadline and require immediate technical assistance. Although you may often be able to deal with everyday troubleshooting issues, what happens when you come across a completely new problem you can’t resolve? Additionally, keeping up-to-date with the latest software releases can be a time consuming process.

Why Purchase Annual Maintenance Agreements

Client Benefits

Software Maintenance Agreements are designed to reduce the amount of time and effort required to keep your software up-to-date.

With automatic reminders of updates and upgrades, you will never have to wonder if your software is outdated. Additionally, with access to technical support services during the term of the Software Maintenance Agreement, you can obtain rapid resolution to all of your software-related questions.

  • Reduces the time you spend researching upgrade information, allowing you to focus on what is important.
  • Increases your technical knowledge by providing access to “advance-releases” of features that are slated for inclusion in future upgrades. These new features are only available to Software Maintenance Agreement subscribers.
  • Software Maintenance Agreements reduce the cost of upgrading software, and provides free technical support, resulting in a significant cost savings.


Software Maintenance Agreements vary in price depending on which product you are purchasing maintenance for.

Your Maintenance Agreement begins in the month the product was purchased, regardless of when the product is activated.

For information on your current Software Maintenance Agreement please contact Waterloo Hydrogeologic Software Sales at or +1 519 342 1141.

Official Releases and Updates to Software

Software Maintenance Agreement subscribers are eligible to receive, at no additional charge, any official releases and updates of the software during the software maintenance period.

Clients will be automatically notified via email or within the software product interface of the availability of new software downloads so you can take advantage of the new features and improvements as soon as they are available.

Technical Support via Telephone

Our Technical Support team, which includes graduates with degrees in Engineering, Environmental Technology, Environmental Sciences, Hydrogeology, Geology etc., are specifically trained to address a wide range of questions about our software.

If we are not able to address your question over the phone, we will make every effort to obtain an answer for you as soon as possible. Each Technical Support Specialist is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and will go the extra mile to accomplish this!

Technical Support via Email

Our Technical Support Group prides itself in offering the highest level of Email/FTP support. We’re ready to address your technical questions! Whether simply communicating questions through an email text message, or transferring your project files to us for review, our email service is able to handle your inquiries quickly and efficiently.

Email support is an excellent method for sending project files, data files being imported, screenshots of error messages, and to receive updates and patches.


Priority Response to Error Reports

Software users with a Software Maintenance Agreement who experience a software error message can contact the Technical Support Group, who will work with the user to reproduce the error message, determine the cause of the error, and provide a solution in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Our step-by-step approach ensures that we can identify the precise error, the reasons for its occurrence, and the resolution.

Direct Bug Fix Updates and Annual Reminders

Bug Fix

If a bug in the software is identified, the issue will be forwarded to the Waterloo Hydrogeologic Software Division. As soon as a solution is prepared, it will be provided to the user via email, or a download.

Annual Reminder

In order to leverage your investment and ensure your Software Maintenance Agreement does not expire, we can provide automatic upgrades to help you stay up-to-date with our latest software release version, saving them time and money searching for upgrade information etc.

  • With your Software Maintenance Agreement, you will receive an annual reminder, approximately one month prior to the expiration of the existing Software Maintenance Agreement, indicating that it is time to purchase a new agreement, if desired.

Ongoing Support

Annual Software Maintenance Agreements purchased beyond the first year continue with the same benefits as above.

Ultimately, Annual Software Maintenance Agreements allow you to leverage your initial software investment by providing direct access to Technical Support services and to the latest versions of your software product.

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