Educational Software for Researchers & Students

September 3, 2020

Having access to industry-standard educational software tools as part of the teaching and learning experience has incredible value to both instructors and learners. Not only do instructors get to keep current with industry methods and techniques, but students are picking up technical skills they require post-graduation to succeed in the workplace.

The teaching environment is rapidly changing to include the use of personal devices and online and distance learning. While the format of how course content is delivered continues to evolve, the expectation of learners to have a full learning experience still needs to be met.

At Waterloo Hydrogeologic, we recognize these changes are evolving and we are ready to help. We understand academic partners need affordable, flexible educational software with the broadest amount of access for your learners. We, too, want your students to make sure they take advantage of the full learning experience when using Waterloo Hydrogeologic’ s suite of groundwater and environmental data management tools. Transitioning to a new learning environment should not stop learners from having access to industry-standard tools.

To find out how Waterloo Hydrogeologic is helping academic partners transition to new environments, reach out to us at Our team is always happy to talk with you and get your students access to the latest suite of industry-standard tools.