Education & Research

Providing environmental software for post-secondary research & training

We are committed to supporting institutions and research projects who deal with the problems that our software tools solve.  Our software helps you deal with real world issues in a cost-effective manner.  You live for the “Ah Ha” moments and we help you get there. 

Our educational and research clients use our software to:

Teach and understand the fundamental concepts of hydrogeology:

  • Groundwater modeling
  • Aquifer hydraulics
  • Geochemistry

Conduct hydrogeologic research and solve real-world problems

Help students gain employment skills using the tools used by industry professionals

Our data management solutions help teams capture project data and use it for years to come.  Projects can be combined over time to answer new questions and continue to get value from your work.  Research requires hundreds or thousands of data elements to be painstakingly organized into the various Tables, Charts and Graphs needed to correlate your findings for publication.  The time you save formatting data with our software gives you more time to understand the issues you are working on.

Education and Research Applications:

Visual MODFLOW Flex: Groundwater Simulation

  • Groundwater modeling courses
  • Numerical Methods in Water Resources

Hydro GeoAnalyst: Data Management

  • Data Management for Researchers

AquaChem: Geochemical Evaluation

  • Geochemistry
  • Minerology
  • Aquatic Chemistry


  • Groundwater Resources Evaluations
  • Groundwater Hydraulics

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