Environmental Consultants

Delivering software for the hydrogelogical investigations and complaince

Clients who are Environmental Consultants get involved in a wide range of activities including:

Water Resource Management

  • Water Supply Planning and Permitting
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Mining Water Management
  • Industrial Water Use
  • Geo-Thermal Heat Exchange
  • Salt-water intrusion

Site Evaluation and Restoration

  • Site Characterization
  • Site Remediation
  • Redevelopment

These activities require analysis of the quality and/or quantity of groundwater.  Professionals and the stakeholders they work with need to arrive at an understanding of the groundwater resources so that stakeholders can make informed decisions supported by valid data and analyses.  Our tools help professional engineers and geoscientists to work efficiently with complicated environmental data and drive better decisions.  That equates to results.

Common issues we help Environmental Consultants with:

Visual MODFLOW Flex: Groundwater Simulation

Develop, run, and visualize groundwater models that simulate the groundwater system under various scenarios to assess past, present, and (potential) future conditions.

Water Quantity Evaluations

  • Water Supply Evaluations/Groundwater Permitting
  • Well Protection/Capture Zone Delineation
  • Municipal/Industrial Well field design
  • Water Management for Construction Dewatering/Mining
  • Groundwater Use Impact Assessments

Water Quality Evaluations

  • Evaluate Remedial Alternatives at Impacted Sites
    • Monitored Natural Attenuation
    • Pump & Treat
    • In-Situ Treatment solutions
  • Salt-Water Intrusion
  • Geo-thermal heat-exchange

Hydro GeoAnalyst: Data Management

Aggregate, manage, and analyze the wealth of environmental data accumulated over time for a project or defined geography. Quickly and efficiently find, analyze, visualize, and report on relevant data through the use.

AquaChem: Geochemical Evaluation

Manage, plot, evaluate, and report on water quality and geochemical data using a comprehensive set of tools designed for geochemists.

  • Analyze and report aqueous geochemistry of municipal groundwater supply wells
  • Report analytical lab results of samples from contaminated sites
  • Manage water quality data from sanitary landfills
  • Identify mineralization trends for mining exploration
  • Analyze, interpret and plot water quality data
  • Identify and report water quality guideline exceedances
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance with chemical exceedance and trend analyses reports


Evaluate and report on pumping test, slug test, and lugeon test data to derive the fundamental hydrogeologic parameters affecting groundwater flow based on a comprehensive set of analytical solutions.

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