AquaChem 12.0 Product Release

June 14, 2023

AquaChem – Water Quality Analysis Software

On Jun 21, 2023, we released AquaChem 12.0, the latest version of our popular software application specifically designed for anyone working on hydrogeologic, geochemical, or environmental projects requiring the management, analysis, and reporting of water quality data. 

AquaChem’s analysis tools cover a wide range of functions and calculations used for analyzing, interpreting and comparing water quality data, including unit transformations, charge balances, statistics, and geochemical modelling using PHREEQC. These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by an extensive selection of commonly used geochemical plots to represent the chemical characteristics of water quality data and a console for R-scripts that offers powerful data science tools.

What’s New in AquaChem 12.0

Integrated Geochemical Modeling Using PHREEQC

AquaChem provides integrated cross-functionality with the basic features of PHREEQC, the popular geochemical modelling program developed by the USGS.

  • Thermodynamic Databases: AquaChem allows you to manage thermodynamic databases directly in the project and save mapped database species to project parameters for improved collaboration, consistency, and project portability
  • Calculate Saturation Indices and Activities: AquaChem allows you to seamlessly calculate saturation indices for specified mineral/gas phases and log activities for specified solutes for one or more samples in a few mouse clicks and store the results directly in your project database.
  • Basic Geochemical Modeling using PHREEQC: AquaChem provides a fully integrated and intuitive interface for developing basic PHREEQC models.
    • Basic simulations include a streamlined graphical interface to include a variety of physicochemical processes occurring simultaneously or in a series of sequential steps, including:
      • Mixing
      • Changes in Temperature and/or Pressure,
      • Reversible and Irreversible Reactions, and
      • Phase Reactions such as:
        • Solution/dissolution with equilibrium phases,
        • Sorption/desorption via exchange assemblages,
        • Solution/Gas phase assemblages
    • The resulting PHREEQC input file can be run directly from within the AquaChem interface and results can be imported into the database for further analysis and visualization, including plotting, mapping, and reporting.
    • The resulting PHREEQC input file can be supplemented with user-generated inputs, for scenarios where advanced users require some additional complexity.

Map Viewer

AquaChem 12.0 - Map Viewer
  • Callouts: add data-rich callout features to some or all the features in a Location Data layer:
    • Mini-Tables: add tabulated data for select fields in the location data layer
    • Plots: add any supported plot type from the plot collection module
  • Surfaces: create surfaces with colour floods and/or contours by interpolating data from a selected field in a location data layer. Supported methods include kriging, inverse distance, and natural neighbours

For full version history, see the AquaChem readme file at: