May 18, 2022


AquaChem 11.0 – Build 19.22.0516.1 (May 2022) Features Added: Plot Collections: certain plots support multi-parameter plots and secondary Y-axis, proportionally sized symbols on Piper plots, automated non-detect and proportional symbols […]

June 9, 2021


v.10.0 – Build 18.21.0528.1 (June 2021) Features Added: Map Viewer Module: new mapping module to map station groups and samples set in a variety of formats, supplemented by imported shapefiles […]

February 2, 2021

AquaChem 9.0 – Build (Jan 2021) Issues Addressed: jquery error on loading Start page For a complete List of Additions and Defects Addressed please see the Readme

February 24, 2020

AquaChem 9.0 – Build (Feb 2020) New Re-Design Build with the following features: Data Management, Plot Collections, Built-in Functions, Reporting, and R-Console For a complete List of Additions and […]