AquiferTest 11.0 Product Release

November 10, 2021

AquiferTest – Pumping & Slug Test Analysis, Interpretation & Visualization Software

On November 10, 2021 we released AquiferTest 11.0, an easy-to-use software package for analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing pumping and slug test data. AquiferTest offers all the tools needed to accurately interpret data from all types of aquifers in all types of test conditions.

Built for hydrogeologists by hydrogeologists, AquiferTest offers an easy-to-use graphical interface:

  • Analyze test data from pumping tests, slug tests and Lugeon tests via seamless integration with water level instrumentation.
  • A comprehensive suite of analysis methods and solutions suitable for all types of aquifers including confined, unconfined, leaky and fractured aquifers.
  • Easily account for various well conditions including wellbore storage, horizontal wells, and single well analyses.
  • Predictive water table drawdown at planned well locations, and customizable professional-quality analysis reports.
  • Print-ready reports of your data and analyses are automatically generated for you!

AquiferTest Pro provides additional features:

  • Advanced pre-processing tools for barometric compensation and trend correction.
  • Diagnostic plots and derivative analysis for identifying aquifer conditions from test data.
  • Simplified contour plots and streamlines of drawdown solutions, and automatic type curve matching.

AquiferTest Improvements

Version 11.0 of AquiferTest includes the following improvements:

Refactored Charting:

The charting component in AquiferTest has been redesigned for improved performance and includes a streamlined toolbar.

AquiferTest - Refactored Charting
for AquiferTest 11.0 Product Release

You can also now use the mouse-wheel to zoom (up/down) or pan (click and drag) in the chart.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the AquiferTest Readme page.