Visual MODFLOW Flex – Workflow Driven Modeling

April 17, 2012

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the steep learning curve when starting to use a new modeling interface? Visual MODFLOW Flex’s user friendly workflow-driven interface guides you through each step of the modeling process.

In order to build and run a groundwater model, you must follow a series of steps in a specific order. Many groundwater modeling programs fail to provide a logical roadmap for navigating these steps, resulting in a steep learning curve, and often leading to confusion and frustration.

Visual MODFLOW Flex workflow

Since 1995, Visual MODFLOW has been known for its easy-to-use interface. We’ve carried this forward into Visual MODFLOW Flex. VMOD Flex presents the groundwater modeling steps in an intuitive, workflow-driven graphical user interface (GUI). This approach allows you to see what steps you’ve already completed, your current step, and where you need to go to reach your goal.

Workflows are currently available for conceptual and numerical modeling. Workflows for PEST and surface water-groundwater interactions are being developed for upcoming releases.

Download the trial version.

Learn more:

  • A Unified Modeler’s Workbench: Workflow-Driven Conceptual and Numerical Modeling. Download PDF »
  • Conceptual and Numerical Modeling in a Workflow-Driven GUI, MODFLOW and More 2011 Conference. Download PDF »