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How to Create Geologic Cross Sections in Hydro GeoAnalyst

///How to Create Geologic Cross Sections in Hydro GeoAnalyst


Many geologic and hydrogeologic site investigations require a detailed analysis of the available lithological data, and the drafting and interpretation of cross sections. Hydro GeoAnalyst’s built-in Cross Section Editor can be used to perform these tasks.

The Cross Section Editor provides a set of easy-to-use tools that allow you to easily interpret subsurface data including geological and hydrogeological interpretations, as well as interpretations geared towards creating model layers. Model layer interpretations can be exported x,y,z file format and imported into groundwater modeling software packages, including Visual MODFLOW Flex, for use in interpolating groundwater model layers.

The Cross Section Editor is integrated with Hydro GeoAnalyst’s 3D-Explorer, a tool that combines and displays one or more cross sections in a 3D fence diagram view.

The Cross Section Editor allows for three types of data interpretations:

  • Geologic (containing lithology structure data)
  • Hydrogeologic (containing locations of aquifers, aquitards, etc.)
  • Model (containing locations of model layer lines, which may be used in numerical groundwater modeling)

This tutorial discusses data interpretations of geologic data.


Download Hydro GeoAnalyst cross section tutorial


If you do not have Hydro GeoAnalyst already, download a free, fully functional trial.

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