Video Series – Numerical Modeling: View Results as Charts

February 16, 2019

Visual MODFLOW Flex Video Series – Numerical Modeling: View Results as Charts

This video explains how to review the results of your groundwater flow and contaminant transport models using the charting functions provided by Visual MODFLOW Flex. Calibration charts (‘Observed vs Calculated’ and ‘Time Series’ charts) are generated automatically so long as the required observation data has been input during the ‘Define Observation Wells’ workflow step (observed heads required for groundwater flow models, observed concentrations required for contaminant transport models).

All calibration charts are viewable through the ‘View Charts’ workflow step. It’s also possible to view mass balance results through the View Charts workflow step. A model wide Mass Balance can be accessed by clicking the Mass Balance button. The results of sub-regional mass balances can be accessed through the Zone Budget button. The Zone Budget results require you to specify the location of custom user-defined zones in the ‘Define Zone Budget Zones’ workflow step.