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Video Series: Numerical Modeling: View/Edit Grid

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Visual MODFLOW Flex Video Series - Numerical Modeling: View/Edit grid Our third video in this series discusses grid operations in the numerical modeling workflow within Visual MODFLOW Flex. After creating your grid, the next workflow step is the ‘View/Edit Grid’ step. At this stage you can perform grid operations to refine your model rows, columns [...]

Video Series: Define Modeling Objectives & Create a Grid

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Visual MODFLOW Flex Video Series - Numerical Modeling: Define Modeling Objectives & Create Grid Welcome back! The second video in the series explores the first two steps in the numerical modeling workflow within Visual MODFLOW Flex. These steps are the ‘Define Modeling Objectives’ and ‘Create Grid’ steps. The purpose of the Define Modeling Objective step is [...]

New! Visual MODFLOW Flex Video Training Series

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Visual MODFLOW Flex Video Training Series: How To Create a Project Waterloo Hydrogeologic is happy to introduce our new Visual MODFLOW Flex video training series. The first few videos in the series focus on the numerical modeling workflow, taking you through the entire numerical modeling process step-by-step. Our software trainer Brayden McNeill will highlight [...]

Video: How to install your Softkey License

2018-04-05T15:00:12+00:00March 7th, 2018|Categories: Blog, Support|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

Simple installation instructions for your new Waterloo Hydrogeologic Softkey License Welcome to the first in our new in our 'how-to' series of training videos! Brayden McNeill, our Software Training Specialist takes you step-by-step through the process of installing your Waterloo Hydrogeologic Softkey License in this 4-minute tutorial. To get the latest videos from [...]

Video: Explore new features in Visual MODFLOW Flex 5.0

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Explore the new features in Visual MODFLOW Flex 5.0! Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy this this 20-minute video led by Kristian Doerken, Waterloo Hydrogeologic's Product Manager. Kristian will walk you through a detailed demonstration of the new features included in Visual MODFLOW Flex 5.0. Learn about dynamic additions to visualization and [...]

Structural Review Webinar: Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.1

2017-08-18T11:50:39+00:00August 18th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Groundwater Modeling, Training, Visual MODFLOW Flex|Tags: , , , |

Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.1: Our powerful modeling software allows you to do more, in less time, with greater flexibility! We hope you’re enjoying the latest version of Visual MODFLOW Flex. To experience the power of 4.1; why not set aside a few minutes to learn about all the key enhancements through this webinar. Our product [...]

Hydro GeoAnalyst Scene Viewer File Loading Options

2017-04-17T11:58:37+00:00November 9th, 2016|Categories: Blog, Hydro GeoAnalyst|Tags: , , , |

Did you know that you can display information in 3D in the Scene Viewer without even having data entered in your database? The Scene Viewer replaces the 3D Explorer in the Hydro GeoAnalyst 2016 release and makes it quick and easy to display things like images, surfaces, dxf files, and shapefiles before you even get to [...]

Redesigned Quick Checker

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The Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) Quick Checker was redesigned for the HGA 2016 release. Previously we provided the Quick Checker as an MS Excel plugin. This however required an internet connection to install as well as several prerequisites. With the release of HGA 2016 you will find that the Quick Checker is now available as a module [...]

Watch: Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.2 Webinar Recording

2016-11-22T18:26:24+00:00October 3rd, 2014|Categories: Groundwater Modeling, Visual MODFLOW Flex|Tags: , |

On Wednesday, October 1st, we hosted a free 1-hour webinar on Visual MODFLOW Flex. The webinar was presented by Wayne Hesch, Senior Product Champion for Visual MODFLOW, and included a discussion and demonstrations of features introduced in the recent 2014.2 release, features currently under development and a sneak peak of what to expect in future releases. [...]