PHREEQC in AquaChem – Live video demo

July 18, 2023

Learn how to use AquaChem’s new PHREEQC integration with this interactive tutorial!

In this video, Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s Lead Trainer Nick Lyle uses the AquaChem demo project to demonstrate how to:

  • Navigate the new PHREEQC interface
  • Create PHREEQC simulations and import project samples into them
  • Use functions to model the mixing and evaporation of samples
  • Manually edit PHREEQC input files
  • Import simulation results back into the database
  • Export project samples to the USGS’s PHREEQC GUI, PHREEQCI

This tutorial assumes that your project is already configured to use PHREEQC. For a tutorial on configuring AquaChem for PHREEQC, see the previous video in this series.

For comprehensive documentation of using PHREEQC and its functionalities, see the PHREEQC manual.