Hydro GeoAnalyst 11.0 PRODUCT RELEASE

September 21, 2022

Hydro GeoAnalyst – Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

On Sep 21, 2022 we released Hydro GeoAnalyst 11.0, the latest version of our popular software application specifically designed for anyone working on hydrogeologic, geochemical, or environmental projects requiring the management, analysis, and reporting of environmental data.

This release introduces new functionality and incorporates client feedback on improvements to make both the standard edition of HGA and the enhanced HGA+ edition even better.

HGA Improvements

Version 11 of HGA includes the following improvements:

Map Viewer

The Map Viewer is available in the standard Edition of HGA and includes the following features:

Hydro GeoAnalyst 11.0 Map viewer
  • Location data: Station groups and queries with location data can be added to the map and plotted using simple symbols, proportional/graduated symbols, and category-based symbols.
  • Callouts: add data-rich callout features to some or all the features in a Location Data layer:
    • Mini-Tables: add tabulated data for select fields in the location data layer
    • Plots: add any supported plot type from the plot collection module
  • Surfaces: create surfaces with color floods and/or contours by interpolating data from a selected field in a location data layer. Supported methods include kriging, inverse distance, and natural neighbors.
  • External Data: Supplement the map with imported shapefiles, surfaces, and basemap images.

Plot Collections

Plot collections have been enhanced to include:

Hydro GeoAnalyst 11.0 Plot collections
  • Multi-parameter plots:  create Boxand Whisker, Scatter, or Time Series Plots with multiple parameters for a station or a specified set of samples
  • Secondary Axes: scatter and time series plots support secondary axes.
  • Symbol Editor: create ramped symbols based on numeric fields using unique values or categorized intervals based on a specified number of linear, log, or quantile breaks.
  • Settings:  axis settings for plots have been reorganized into logical and collapsible groups

Usability and Other Enhancements

Plot collections have been enhanced to include:

  • 64-bit Streamlined Edition: a streamlined 64-bit edition of HGA is now available. This edition increases the performance of HGA and allows for memory footprints above 2-GB.  The 64-bit edition does not include certain 32-bit only modules (map manager, cross-section editor, scene viewer, 3D interpolation, and report builder) – 64-bit updates/replacements for these modules will be available in a future version of HGA.
  • General Import: Import data into child tables (i.e. tables with many to one relationships) without having to supply data in the parent tables if the data has already been added to the database.
  • Union Queries: Build queries that merge results from different tables to collate data for use with other modules such as the Map Viewer, Plot Collections, R-Console
  • Template Manager: HGA provides additional warnings when deleting non-empty fields in a table or renaming the database names of tables or fields to prevent accidental loss of information or breaking functionality based on queries and reports.
  • Performance: Improved project load times

HGA+ Improvements

Plot Collections

The Map Viewer is available in the standard Edition of HGA and includes the following features:

  • Proportional Piper Plots: Create ramped symbol sizes on the central part of the Piper Plot based on the value of a selected parameter (e.g. Conductance or Total Dissolved Solids)
Proportional piper plots in Hydro GeoAnalyst 11.0
  • Automatic Non-Detect Symbols: The symbols for data points on plots with non-detect QA flags can be automatically overridden to indicate the non-detect status
Interactive multi-select data points for Hydro GeoAnalyst 11.0
  • Interactive Multi-Select: You can select multiple data points on plots and they will be selected in the Sample List and active Maps

Data Management

  • Custom Calculated fields and parameters: designate a sample field or a parameter as “calculation-enabled” in the Template Manager and insert values for selected samples based on a mathematical expression that can include parameters (with unit conversion) and common functions. Calculated parameters can be used throughout the application – including in the Map Viewer, Plot Collections, and R-Console
Custom Calculated Fields and Parameters for Hydro GeoAnalyst 11.0

For full version history, see the HGA readme file at: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/hydro-geoanalyst-readme/