Hydro GeoAnalyst 12.0 PRODUCT RELEASE

September 20, 2023

Hydro GeoAnalyst – Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

On Sep 27, 2023 we released Hydro GeoAnalyst 12.0, the latest version of our popular software application specifically designed for anyone working on hydrogeologic, geochemical, or environmental projects requiring the management, analysis, and reporting of environmental data.

This release introduces new functionality and incorporates client feedback on improvements to make both the standard edition of HGA and the enhanced HGA+ edition even better.

HGA Improvements

Version 12 of HGA includes the following improvements:

Hydro GeoAnalyst icon from Waterloo Hydrogeologic HGA 64-Bit Edition

The 64-Bit Edition of Hydro GeoAnalyst now covers all available functionality. New and updated 64-bit capable modules include:

  • Cross Section Viewer: Build custom expressions to evaluate and populate a desired sample field or parameter (see below).
  • Scene Viewer: Visualize datasets including boreholes, surfaces, maps, cross sections, and plumes in 3D.
  • 3D Interpolation: Interpolate 3D datasets into static or transient plumes that can be visualized and animated in the 3D Scene Viewer.

Cross Section Viewer Icon WHG Cross Section Viewer

New 64-bit module Cross Section Viewer allows you to build cross sections more efficiently:

Cross Section Viewer Data Screen WHG
  • Define Cross Sections: Update older existing cross sections, pick from a list of stations to include in a new cross section, or define a cross section using the Map Viewer (see below)
  • Interpretations: define cross sections along the same transect based on interpretations of the geology, hydrogeology, and/or model layers
  • Auto-generate: automatically (re)build cross-section interpretations based on intervals in applicable boreholes and intersecting cross-sections
  • Edit: edit and refine cross section interpretations using a variety of tools, including digitizing, snapping, and splitting
  • Include Well Profiles: include custom well profiles for one or more boreholes along cross-sections
  • Easy Migration: Automatically open existing cross sections developed in the legacy Cross Section Editor.

map_viewer Map Viewer

The Map Viewer module has been enhanced to include:

  • Define Cross Sections:
    • digitize new lines or use an existing line to define new cross-sections
    • add mapped boreholes within a specified buffer
    • add an optional surface to define topography along the cross-section
  • Display Cross Sections: drag and drop cross sections onto the map to display the paths/transects of all cross sections in the project

wellprofile128 Well Profile

Well Profile Plot Screen for HGA 12

The Well Profile Module has been enhanced to include:

  • Date Range for Water Levels: water level symbols can be limited to measurements within a specified date range
  • Hydrogeology Column: add an interval column for hydrogeology interpretations of the borehole intervals and/or show this interval in the well construction column.
  • Model Layers Column: add an interval column for model layer interpretations of the borehole intervals and/or show this interval in the well construction column.
  • Auto-generate Hydrogeology and Model intervals: specify a mapping between specific geologic layers and corresponding Hydrogeology and Model intervals and then autocomplete intervals for these tables for the active well or all wells in the active given station group.

Hydro GeoAnalyst icon from Waterloo Hydrogeologic Usability and Other Enhancements

HGA and HGP+ include the following additional enhancements:

  • Template Manager: new optional setting to force database tables and fields that are set to not be shown as hidden throughout the application, including in modules that typically show all fields, such as in the Query Builder and the Data Filter views.
  • Print to PowerPoint Templates: the default Print to PowerPoint templates have been updated with a clean and consistent style.
  • User Feedback Buttons: quickly provide anonymous feedback using thumbs up/down buttons.
    Note: since the mechanism is anonymous, we will not be able to respond. Please reach out to our support team if you need a response.

HGA+ Improvements

Integrated Geochemical Modeling (PHREEQC) Integrated Geochemical Modeling (PHREEQC)

HGA Plus includes integrated cross-functionality with the basic features of PHREEQC, the popular geochemical modeling program developed by the USGS:

Thermodynamic Databases: Import thermodynamic databases into the project and map database species to project parameters.

Saturation indices/Activities: Calculate the saturation indices and activities for one or more simples and seamlessly reimport the results into the project database, in a few button clicks.

Basic Geochemical Modeling: Prepare basic geochemical models of one or more samples.

  • Basic simulations include a streamlined graphical interface to include a variety of physicochemical processes occurring simultaneously or in a series of sequential steps, including:
    • Mixing
    • Changes in Temperature and/or Pressure,
    • Reversible and Irreversible Reactions, and
    • Phase Reactions such as:
      • Solution/dissolution with equilibrium phases,
      • Sorption/desorption via exchange assemblages,
      • Solution/Gas phase assemblages
  • The resulting PHREEQC input file can be run directly from within the HGA Plus interface and results can be imported into the database for further analysis and visualization, including plotting, mapping, and reporting.
  • The resulting PHREEQC input file can be supplemented with user-generated inputs, for scenarios where advanced users require some additional complexity.

Advanced Geochemical Modeling: Quickly and easily migrate samples to the PHREEQCi/PREEQC for windows interface in a few clicks, when more advanced modeling is required.

For full version history, see the HGA readme file at: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/hydro-geoanalyst-readme/