Hydro GeoAnalyst 10.0 PRODUCT RELEASE

August 18, 2021

Hydro GeoAnalyst – Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

On August 18, 2021, we released Hydro GeoAnalyst 10.0.  This release introduces new functionality and incorporates client feedback on improvements to make both the standard edition of HGA and the enhanced HGA+ edition even better.

HGA Improvements

Our standard edition of HGA includes improvements to International Date Handling throughout the product (data import, plumes, Quick Checker, Data import and Mobile EDD) and String Data Type fields can now be specified with any length.  

Module enhancements are as follows:

The User Manager Module introduces improvements to provide more flexibility without compromising security.  These include granting a user one or more user permission levels to provide custom settings for unique roles in your organization and a new Template Access user role that allows users to modify the project template without having full database permissions.

HGA clients asked us to improve the Well Profile Module so that they can produce higher quality, professional reports for borehole logs and well completion detail reports. 

Users asked us to:

  1. add fields in Template report headings from a query
  2. improve the dynamic label heights for short intervals
  3. include inline depth specific annotations and
  4. include well termination statements in reports

Feedback has been very positive on these changes.

Clients also asked us to make reporting easier in the Plot Collections Module of HGA.

Enhancements include:

  1. Print-preview layout which allows users to see how images will look when exported to a report
  2. Rectangular plots that can be stretched to fill their cell in the plot collection layout
  3. Custom line add-ins that support x-value cutoffs so you can plot line segments
  4. Axis labels on rectangular plots which can be rotated

All the above enhancements are now incorporated into both the standard HGA and our enhanced HGA+ editions.

HGA+ Improvements

Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus (HGA+) is an extended edition of HGA that includes an integrated, powerful tool set to plot, analyze, and report on water quality and geochemical data leveraging the new features available in AquaChem 10.0.  In this release of HGA+ we improved parameter handling by automatically adding a list of parameters from the Chemical List (before or during import) and automatically deleting parameters with no measurements in your project.

HGA+ Specific Module enhancements are as follows:

HGA+ includes an all new Map Viewer Module that allows you to present your live data on a map.

With the Map Viewer Module users can generate maps showing:

  • Station groups and sample set data plotted using
    • simple symbols,
    • proportional/graduated symbols,
    • category-based symbols,
    • pie charts,
    • radial plots, and
    • Stiff diagrams.
  • Aggregate co-located samples based on sample date or concentrations
  • Imported shapefiles and basemap images.

Users also asked for HGA+ specific improvements to the Plot Collections Module.

Enhancements include:

  • Custom plot lines can be dynamically linked to a water quality standard
  • The right and bottom plot panels in a Durov Plot can be scaled relative to the central plot
  • Improved performance for Plots built using calculated parameters

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the Hydro GeoAnalyst Readme page.