How to Create Water Level Time Series Plots in AquaChem

August 13, 2012

Using AquaChem you can easily show the evolution of chemical or physical parameters over time for a given sampling point. The time series plot is a standard technique for interpreting hydrochemical and hydrogeological processes and in particular temporal trends in natural waters. The following steps show you how to create water level time series plots in AquaChem.

If you don’t have a license of AquaChem but would like to try this exercise, you can download a fully functional free trial.

Launch AquaChem

Open your project (If you are evaluating the software, you can use the demo project which is located in Documents\AquaChem.)

Navigate to Plots>New>Time Series (Multiple Parameters)

Ensure that no stations are selected and remove any default parameters in the Parameter Properties box.

Click the[+] button to add a station

Select the Time Series tab and click [+] to add a well from the Water Levels which you have imported previously

Change the Axis to “Y2” for this station and click the checkbox for “Show Line, break for gaps >0 days”.

In the Axis box, click the […] beside Y2 and turn on the Visible checkbox and change the axis name as desired.

Make note of the Min and Max values and then change the axis in the top dropdown menu to the Y-axis.

Set the Y-axis Min and Max to the same as the Y2 axis and change the axis title again. Click OK.

Click OK to view your plot.

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