Support Tip – AquaChem, ActiveX Component Error

December 12, 2017

With new operating systems and new versions of Microsoft Office out there, you may run into this error…even if you are running the latest version of our software, the latest operating system from Windows and the latest version of Microsoft Office.  Well this is for good reason.  AquaChem SPECIFICALLY requires the 2007 version of Microsoft Access.  This error may also be accompanied by the “Basic Template is not a valid template” If you are running the latest version of Access as part of your latest version of Office, never fear…that’s right, we have steps! 

1)      Please download this Access run time engine (2007) from this link:

          Access runtime Engine:

2)      Once installed, restart the machine.

3)      Then run AquaChem as administrator.  

Once this has been done, you should see BOTH errors resolved and be on your way!