Install your hardkey license on additional computers

April 4, 2019

How to install your Waterloo Hydrogeologic hardkey license on additional computers

Congratulations and thank you for your purchase of Waterloo Hydrogeologic software! You have added a fantastic tool that is going to help your team. That’s why you added the dongle to your license: your new license is a tool everyone in the office needs to share and the dongle was your choice. It gives you flexibility and maximizes your purchase. So you have installed your new license on your first machine, and now you need to install it on a second and third machine. What steps do you need to take?

To install and activate on those other machines, your new dongle license requires a copy of the installer and .lic file that was generated when you first activated. Look for the installer and .lic file that contains your product serial number and copy both to a USB key. You can find the files in one of two spots

ProgramData – If the user has installed the license for all that use the machine.

C:\ProgramData\Product Name


AppData – If the user has installed the license only for themselves.

C:\Users\<Your_username>\AppData\Local\Product Name

**After the file has been saved, follow the below steps using the dongle and license file.

Installing Standalone Licenses – Dongle

  1. Log onto the computer as the local administrator
  2. Install the appropriate Windows 10 or Windows 11 dongle driver available from our website
  3. Plug in your dongle and ensure the red light comes on
  4. Run the WH software by double-clicking the desktop icon or by selecting the shortcut from the Windows start menu
  5. You will be prompted with a Welcome dialog box
  6. Select the “Activate” button
  7. Select “I have a license file” option
  8. Browse to the location where the license file was copied
  9. Click ‘Submit’

If the above activation steps fail or you receive the “internet connection” error or any error for that matter, please follow the steps in the below link for “Stand Alone/Dongle” in the below link using the license file:

Now that you’ve followed those steps and have successfully installed on your second and third machines your team is ready to go. Just remember two key points when using your dongle: first, the dongle needs to be plugged in to use your Waterloo Hydrogeologic software; second, who was last using the dongle.

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