Visual MODFLOW Flex – Regional Settings Error

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At Waterloo Hydrogeologic, we love our international client base.  Our software however, prefers a more “regional setting”.  If you are in a  country and your computer is not set to regional English and you’re getting the below pesky error, these steps will help you resolve the issue.                   [...]

Visual MODFLOW Importing Project Tips

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Worried that your project import isn’t going to flow easily into VisualMODFLOW?  Here are a few things to consider before getting started: When importing projects into Visual MODFLOW, please consider the following suggestions: ·         Visual MODFLOW currently imports MODFLOW-2000 and MODFLOW-2005 Groundwater Flow process files only. Please ensure that your data set is in one of [...]

Experiencing a Non-Convergence Error? Here are some tips.

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No one likes errors, am I right? Errors such as “Solution Non-Convergence” , “Failed to meet solver criteria …”, “Abnormal termination. See file C:\........\ProjectName.LST for details” when running MODFLOW are Non-Convergence messages. This typically occurs when MODFLOW cannot reach a successful simulation result.  Due to the complexity of ground water modelling, non-convergence errors are not unusual.  [...]

Overcome the Visual MODFLOW Flex Error “The Feature is not available with your license”

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Did you know that users with a premium or professional license are entitled to install the 64-bit version of Visual MODFLOW Flex? It's true!  On occasion, we have had users who upon successful activation of Visual MODFLOW Flex will encounter the error: “The feature “Visual MODFLOW 64 bit” is not available with your license. To upgrade or [...]

Issues with Auto Activation or “Request License”

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Is the license file gate keeper denying your request for activation of YOUR software?!  We’ve got your back and got you covered.    Automated activation of software is not uncommon.  Waterloo Hydrogeologic is no different.  When you purchase our software, you are given the opportunity to activate the automated way using your product serial number.  This [...]

Are you having difficulties opening your Hydro GeoAnalyst project? Here is what you need to check…

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The project file you open with Hydro GeoAnalyst (see example below Demo 2016.1.hga) contains information regarding the SQL Server and database the project is connected to. Within the file the DataSource is the name of the SQL Server and the Database is the name of the database the project is connected to. On occasion, you may [...]

Hydro GeoAnalyst – Moving a local project to a central location

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We frequently get asked by users who initially have Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) projects on their local machines how they can move the project onto a server so other users can have access. An HGA project consists of two things - the project files and the database.  Both need to be moved a central location to allow [...]

How to Fix VMOD Flex Regional Settings Error

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Hi VMOD user! Have you encountered a regional settings error? Here is a fix that you can do quite quickly to get out of this jam. Regional Settings Error:    Please be advised that Visual MODFLOW Flex has been designed based on English system. You may try modifying your Region and Language Settings by: selecting “English [...]